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iha lokadali

iha is a Kannada word that roughly translates to ‘here’ or ‘in this moment’. iha is also the name of this work that hopes to travel through villages, towns, and cities of Karnataka; singing the songs of the poet-saint Shishunala Sharifa. To share with all peoples the warmth of love and and light of wisdom that lies at the very core of Sharif-ajja’s (as he is lovingly known) work and life.

People have been singing Sharif-ajja’s tatvapadas for 150 years now, give or take; and this work is yet another small stream that wishes to become a part of the greater flow that washes away the fear, anxiety, and hate in people.

Picture: the statues of Shishunala Sharifa and his teacher Guru Govinda Bhatta.

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